Inotia 4 and online poker are two very different types of games and offers a different gaming experience to its players. Here are some of the main differences between these two types of games:

1. Game Type:

Inotia 4:

Genre: These are RPG (Role-Playing Game) games that usually include elements such as character development, complex stories, and plot development.

Theme: These games usually have fantasy and adventure elements, where players control a group of characters and go on missions.

Goal: Generally is to complete missions and progress the story, as well as develop the character and his abilities.

Online Poker:

Type: This is a card game that generally focuses on betting and strategy.

Theme: These games are usually themed around a casino or gambling setting.

Goal: The goal of online poker is usually to win chips or virtual money from other players in a strategic manner.

2. Gameplay:

Inotia 4:

Gameplay involves exploring the game world, interacting with non-player characters (NPCs), and fighting enemies with strategy and character abilities.

Players can often choose a character and personalize it, as well as develop their abilities throughout the game.

Online Poker:

Gameplay focuses on the virtual poker table and involves betting, folding, and winning hands with strategy and sometimes luck.

Players usually have less control over the game environment and focus more on the cards and other players.

3. Player Interaction:

Inotia 4:

These tend to be more single-player experiences, where players experience the story and missions in a more controlled and story-focused setting.

Online Poker:

This is a multiplayer experience where players compete against other players from all over the world.

4. Goals and Motivation:

Inotia 4:

Players are usually driven by the desire to progress the story and develop their characters.

Online Poker:

Players are usually driven by competition and the desire to win more chips or virtual money.

5. Accessibility:

Inotia 4:

Sometimes it requires a greater time commitment and the ability to focus on the story and world.

Online Poker:

They are usually easier to learn and accessible, with relatively quick turns and the ability to play in shorter sessions.

In general, the basic differences between “Inotia 4” and online poker involve the type of game, gameplay and player goals, as well as the way players interact with the game and each other.

Here are some of the advantages of both types of games, “Inotia 4” and online poker:

Inotia 4:

An interesting story:

It has a deep storyline and complex character development, offering an immersive experience.

Character Development:

Players can develop characters, choose skills and equipment, and manage teams to create unique gaming experiences.

Wide Fantasy World:

Explore a vast world with various locations and missions that provide gameplay variety and adventure.

Not Dependent on Others:

As a game that tends to be single player, players can enjoy the story and gameplay without depending on the availability of other players.

Offline Play:

The ability to play without an internet connection, allows players to enjoy the game anywhere.

Online Poker:

Social interaction:

Play against other players in real-time, allowing for social interaction and competition.

Ease of Access:

It can be accessed from almost anywhere and at any time as long as players have an internet connection and a device to play.

Various Levels and Tournaments:

Players can participate in various tournaments and games at various skill levels.

Strategy and Skills:

Hone the player’s skills and strategies in different game situations.

Game Variations:

Many online poker platforms offer game variations such as Texas Hold’em, Omaha, and more, giving players plenty of options.

Play with Players from Around the World:

Allows players to compete with players from different parts of the world, offering a diverse and challenging experience.

Although “Inotia 4” and online poker offer different experiences, both types of games have their own advantages that are able to attract different types of players. The choice between the two will depend on personal preference and what the player wants to look for in a gaming experience.

Bonuses in games, such as “Inotia 4” and online poker, can vary and serve to give players additional incentives to continue playing or try new aspects of the game. Here are some types of bonuses you may find in both types of games:

Inotia 4:

In RPG games like “Inotia 4”, bonuses usually focus on character development and in-game progress:

Bonus Items or Equipment:

Players can obtain special equipment or items that increase a character’s stats or abilities.

Extra Experience Points (XP):

Sometimes there are missions or challenges that provide additional XP to help level up your character faster.

Secret or Bonus Missions:

Some games provide missions or secret areas that can only be accessed after meeting certain criteria.

In-Game Currency:

Players can earn in-game currency through missions, challenges, or special achievements that can be used to purchase equipment or items.

Online Poker:

On the other hand, in games like online poker, bonuses are often related to financial incentives and player participation:

Welcome Bonus:

Many online poker platforms offer new players a welcome bonus, which can be in the form of free cash or game credits.

Deposit Bonuses:

Some sites offer deposit bonuses, where players receive an additional percentage of their deposit as playing credit.

Loyalty Bonus:

Players who consistently play on certain platforms may be awarded loyalty bonuses, which could involve access to special tournaments or free playing credits.


Access to “freeroll” tournaments, where players can compete to win real money prizes without having to pay an entry fee.

Cashback or Refund Bonus:

Some platforms provide partial returns of players’ bets or losses over a certain period of time.

Bonuses on each platform or game may vary, so it is important to always check the relevant terms and conditions before taking advantage of them. They are usually designed to attract new players or retain existing ones by offering added value or increasing their chances of success in the game.

Terms of joining and playing in games such as “Inotia 4” and online poker may vary depending on the platform and type of game. The following is a general overview of the conditions that may apply:

Inotia 4:

Since Inotia 4 is an RPG game that is usually more focused on story and adventure, the requirements for joining may involve the following:

Compatible Devices:

Players need a device (such as a smartphone or tablet) that is compatible with the game application and meets the required technical specifications.

Download and Installation:

Players must download and install the game application, which is usually available in app stores such as the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.


While it may not require strict age identification like online poker, minimum ages may apply depending on the game content.

Internet connection:

Although most RPGs can be played offline, updates or additional content may require an internet connection.

Online Poker:

Online poker, which involves player interaction and often real money betting, usually has stricter terms:


Players must meet the legal gambling age set by the jurisdiction in which they reside (generally 18 or 21 years or older).

Account Registration:

Players must create an account on an online poker platform, which usually involves setting up a username, password and email verification.

Identity Verification:

Some platforms may require identity verification to prevent fraud and ensure compliance with gambling regulations.

Payment method DEWAPOKER:

Players must have a payment method accepted by the platform to make deposits and withdrawals (such as credit card, e-wallet or bank transfer).

Stable Internet Connection:

Because games take place online and often involve players from all over the world, a stable and reliable internet connection is essential.

Download App or Software:

Depending on the platform, players may need to download special applications or software to play.

Understanding the Rules:

While this is not an “official” requirement, having a basic understanding of poker rules and online gaming etiquette is also important.

It is important to always check the specific terms and conditions of the platform or game you are playing on to fully understand what is required to participate.

Taking into account that “Inotia 4” is an RPG game and online poker is a card game, here is a short and basic tutorial for both types of games:

Inotia 4: Basic Tutorial

Introduction and Setup:

Start Game: Open the app and start a new game.

Choose a Character: Typically, you will choose and/or customize your main character.

Initial Guide: Pay attention to the initial instructions provided by the game to understand the basic controls and objectives.

Basic Game Mechanics:

Exploration: Explore the game world using navigation controls.

Interaction: DEWAPOKER Talk to non-player characters (NPCs) to get quests and information.

Combat: Use attack buttons and special abilities to fight with enemies.

Goals and Mission:

Completing Missions: Follow mission instructions and objectives to advance the story.

Character Development: Level up your character by collecting experience points (XP).

Story Completion: Discover and complete the main and side story arcs.

Inventory Management:

Items and Equipment: Manage your inventory, choose the best equipment and use items when needed.

Online Poker: Basic Tutorial

Creating an Account:

Registration: Visit the website or app, then create an account by filling in the required information.

Verification: Verify email or other information if necessary.

Choosing a Poker Type:

Choose a Game: There are various types of poker like Texas Hold’em, Omaha, etc. Select the one you want to play.

Choosing a Table: Choose a table with a betting level that suits your preferences.

Basic Rules (Texas Hold’em as Example):

Betting Stages:

Pre-Flop: After receiving two cards, the first round of betting begins.

Flop: Three community cards are dealt, followed by a round of betting.

Turn: The fourth community card is dealt, followed by a round of betting.

River: The fifth and final community card is dealt, followed by the final round of betting.

Card Combinations: Understand a series of card combinations (such as Pair, Two Pair, Three of a Kind, etc.).

Betting: Understand how to bet, fold, raise, and check.

Basic Strategy:

Know When To Fold: Not all hands are worth playing.

Position: Position at the table (early, middle, late) can influence your strategy.

Bankroll Management:

Set Limits: Set limits for losses and do not exceed them.

Choose the Right Table: Play tables with limits you can afford.

Keep in mind that each game has its own unique features and complexities, so reading the user guide or accessing the in-game tutorial can provide a deeper understanding and strategy for playing.